About Us

Royal Precision Lubricants Pty Ltd is an established, 100% Australian privately owned and based company who are a manufacturer and marketer of state of the art lubricants.

Established in 1995, Royal Precision Lubricants incorporate the most advanced cutting edge additive technology and formulate using the finest base materials available.


Manufacturing facilities are located in Brisbane and Melbourne both with ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturing systems, ensuring consistent products and quality assurance that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Royal Precision Lubricants product range is sold throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, across many market sectors including Automotive, Agriculture, Transport and Industrial. Each product is manufactured to meet  end user needs and formulated to extend your equipment and vehicle life resulting in less downtime and increased profits.

Royal Precision Lubricants remain steadfast in its commitment to monitoring market needs and producing cutting edge, precision lubricant engineering. This commitment has driven the introduction of new and upgraded lubricants that provide tangible, real-world benefits.

Safety and the Environment

We have a range of environmentally friendly products which offer our customers ‘peace of mind’ knowing you have considered our planet when making your selection. We actively research alternative solutions to extend our ECO range. We strive to position ourselves at the forefront of our industry, alongside a healthy planet.

In all our activities and operations we:

  • Comply with all legal regulations.
  • Provide a secure working environment for oue employees and contractors.
  • Participate in hazard identification and risk assessment reporting to support our commitment to HSE performance.
  • Ensure all our operatives comply with the minimum standard of operation.


“We recognise that for us to succeed our clients must also succeed.
Growth through hardwork, determination and mutual respect”