ComAir PureGuard 46

ComAir PureGuard 46

Product Code: 7011


Available Pack Size:  20L & 205L





ComAir Pure Guard 46 Rotary Sliding Vane and Screw Air Compressor oil is a superior compressor lubricant formulated from synthesised base stocks with a special non-hydrolysing anti-wear additive. Suitable for all rotary screw & rotary compressors operating under severe conditions. Also can be used as hydraulic oil where the application calls for a non-zinc type oil to protect pumps with silver-plated surfaces.
Summary of Benefits

  • Minimum deposit forming.
  • Protects compressor components from wear.
  • Low wear as a result of excellent rust protection and high film strength.
  • Long service life of up to 4000 hours in screw and rotary vane type air compressors. Exact maintenance interval will depend on intake air quality, duty cycle and ambient temperature. Use oil analysis to determine extended drain intervals.
  • Separates readily from water.