Diff Oil LS 90

Diff Oil LS 90

Product Code: 4006


Available Pack Size: 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L, 60L & 205L





Diff Oil LS 90 is a limited slip automotive differential oil. It is a high quality, extreme pressure automotive gear oil specifically designed for limited slip rear drive differentials, particularly those with ‘cone clutch’ design. Recommended for the majority of limited slip hypoid differentials, either plate or cone clutch in rear wheel drive cars, 4WD vehicles and light trucks under all operating conditions. Heavy duty lubricant recommended for hypoid or spiral axles, both with and without “limited slip” design.
Caution: Diff Oil LS 90 is not approved for use in the differential of Commodore V8 and Holden 6 and 8 cylinder utilities that require a special GMH/BTR approved synthetic lubricant available from GMH dealers. Diff Oil LS 90 can be used in differentials of Falcons with V8 engines.