GearPro LS 80W-90 GL-5

GearPro LS 80W-90 GL-5

Product Code: 4002


Available Pack Size: 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L, 60L & 205L





GearPro LS 80W-90 is a multi-purpose thermally stable extreme pressure friction modified gear oil formulated using advanced extreme pressure additives supplemented with anti-wear additives to provide maximum protection. It also contains limited slip protection. GearPro LS 80W-90 is engineered to provide excellent performance in heavy duty limited-slip differentials, axles, and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loading is a common occurrence. GearPro LS 80w-90 is suitable for passenger car manual transmissions, spiral bevel and hypoid final drive differentials and steering gear boxes operating under severe service conditions.