Multifarm 15W-40 CG-4/SF, GL-4

Multifarm 15W-40 CG-4/SF, GL-4

Product Code: 2600


Available Pack Size: 20L, 60L, 205L & Bulk





MultiFarm is formulated as a Super Tractor Oil Universal for engines, transmissions, differentials, wet brake systems, power take off and hydraulic units. MultiFarm is the ideal oil to rationalise farm lubricants without loss of lubricant protection and equipment performance. Transmission & Gearboxes are completely protected due to the load carrying thermal stability of MultiFarm.

Summary of Benefits

  • A multifunctional oil of the highest quality for all agricultural and off road plant where an oil of this type is called for by major manufacturers.
  • This high performance oil is blended for excellent results in all tractor gear boxes, main transmissions and associated machinery, as well as superior performance in agricultural hydraulic systems.