Nexus 4TS Ultra 5W-40 – Synthetic

Nexus 4TS Ultra 5W-40 – Synthetic

JASO MA2 (T903:2011) API SN


Product Code: 1730


Available Pack Size: 1L, 4L & 20L



Nexus 4TS Ultra 5W-40 is a premium, full synthetic, 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil formulated and
blended to achieve the highest levels of engine, clutch and gearbox protection from the latest available
technology. Blended with full PAO Ester base oils, Nexus 4TS Ultra 5W-40 is fortified with an
advanced Titanium anti-wear and ZDDP (Zinc) additive system.

Scientifically formulated, the combination of ultra-shear stable base oils, Titanium additive and ZDDP
(Zinc) levels work together synergistically to ensure Nexus 4TS Ultra 5W-40 delivers exceptional
performance providing outstanding wear protection, low temperature and high temperature