Syntec Power Steering Fluid

Syntec Power Steering Fluid

Product Code: 3151


Available Pack Size: 1L, 20L





SYNTEC Power Steering Fluid is a 100% synthetic fluid suitable for use in a wide range of power steering systems. It contains a seal swell additive to reduce leaks and an anti-shudder additive not found in Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATFs). It can be used to top up most synthetic power steering fluids.
It cannot be used in Honda or Acura power steering systems or Ford AU, BA, BF, FPV or Tickford systems, or where Vegetable Oils or Brake Fluid is specified.

Summary of Benefits:

  • It can be used to top up or replace mineral power steering
    fluids (ATF Dexron type fluids).
  • Controls seal swelling and protects pump parts against wear
    while providing the proper friction coefficient for proper
    system operation.
  • Contains a unique seal conditioning agent and foam inhibitor
    benefiting vehicles operating under the most severe