Rubber EP X-9

Rubber EP X-9

Product Code: 9014


Available Pack Size: 500g





Rubber EP X-9 is a premium grease for Industrial, Automotive and Consumer Rubber component applications containing castor oil for use when contact with natural and/or synthetic rubber is likely to occur. Rubber EP X-9 can be used as a general purpose, non-harmful grease for industrial, automotive and consumer rubber parts such as hydraulic dust covers, braking system components, seals and washers. It is specially designed for use on rubber components in hydraulic systems where compatibility with the rubber seals is essential. It is also suitable for use with other rubber components such as gaiters or boots used on these systems. This grease is also recommended in other applications where the resistance to hydrocarbon solvents is required, such as automotive shock absorbers. In the assembly of platen rollers used in the printing industry this type of grease is used as a lubricant to aid the insertion of the steel mandrel into the very tight rubber outer.
Rubber EP X-9 is not recommended for the lubrication and protection of brake backing plates and plunger housings.