Syntrans AGRI – Full Synthetic

Syntrans AGRI – Full Synthetic

Product Code:  4205

Available Pack Size: 20L, 205L & Bulk


Syntrans AGRI is a new generation ultra high performing Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (U.T.T.O), formulated to provide superior performance and protection in new generation agricultural and heavy construction machinery.

Syntrans AGRI is a 100% synthetic lubricant designed to offer superior performance and protection in wet brakes, transmissions including (power shift and agricultural CVT types), hydraulic systems and PTO’s. Proprietary anti-wear additives offer superior gear wear and bearing protection and provides exceptional hydraulic pump wear protection, cleanliness and reduced varnishing.

Syntrans AGRI is recommended for equipment with either common system reservoirs or separate transmission sumps including those with wet brakes, wet clutches and hydraulic systems. Its advanced chemistry provides exceptional wet brake and transmission clutch lubricity and eliminates shudder, providing smooth operation and control.