DPF Cleaner

DPF Cleaner

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Available Pack Size: 250ml



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DPF Cleaner has been developed to clean blocked or restricted Diesel Particulate Filter. Suitable for use in all diesel powered vehicles fitted with a DPF System and is extremely effective in removing soot and build up from within the DPF unit while the car is running under normal driving conditions. Royal Precision Lubricants DPF Cleaner achieves this by blending a proprietary formulation that dissolves carbon and build up upon contact. Additionally to this 1st stage of cleaning Ceramic Nano particles are also formulated to help burn through soot and any residual contaminates clinging to the walls of the DPF unit. The Nano particles heat up and glow hot helping the dissolved carbon into a liquid, any liquid and build-up is effectively burnt off as it passes through the exhaust system.