Topline Xtra 50

Topline Xtra 50

Product Code: 2029


Available Pack Size: 20L, 205L & 1,000L





Topline Xtra 50 is advanced world capable heavier viscosity diesel engine oil. Topline Xtra 50 is a premium diesel oil fortified to deliver greater oil viscosity at high temperatures. Its higher viscosity over conventional diesel oils is ideal for older series diesel engines with low oil pressure, oil consumption or burning.

Topline Xtra 50 has been formulated to meet the requirements of European, American and Japanese designed emission engines including those which incorporate Exhaust Gas Recycling (EGR) to provide fuel efficiency, high wear protection and long drain capability can add to deposits forming in the combustion chamber and therefore Topline Xtra 50’s low sulphated ash level assists in maintaining engine and injector cleanliness.