Developed to comply with the car & light commercials manufacturer’s most demanding requirements, Royal Lubricants can match the specifications of any vehicle, including the most recent models. Royal Lubricants help to keep your vehicles in top form with:


  • Extended oil drains and service interval products.
  • Products that often outperform OEM.
  • Technically advanced products developed to extend engine life.


Syntec C4 5W-30- SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntec GF-5 5W-30- SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntec Ultra V 5W-30 – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntec Ultra 0W-30 SM/CF – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntec Elite 5W-40 SN/CF – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntec Semi 10W-40 SM/CF – Semi SyntheticPDS SDS
Senso Classic 20W-50 SM/CFPDS SDS
Senso Supreme 15W-40 SM/CFPDS SDS
Senso Lovis 10W-30 SM/CFPDS SDS
Senso Gold 15W-50 SM/CFPDS SDS
Senso Heavy 25W-60 SL/CFPDS SDS
M3 Supreme 20W-50 SJ/CFPDS SDS
Senso Run in Oil 15W-40PDS SDS
Four Stroke 30WPDS SDS


Multipurpose EP2PDS SDS
Lithplex EP2PDS SDS
Syntec XP – SyntheticPDS SDS
Versatile Bearing EP2PDS SDS
Moly Hi-Load EP2PDS SDS
Multipurpose Automotive EP2PDS SDS
Rubber EP X-9PDS SDS
Nickel Anti-Seize CompoundPDS SDS
Copper Anti-Seize CompoundPDS SDS
Constant Velocity EP2PDS SDS
SiliconePDS SDS


Auto Trans Fluid MPDS SDS
Auto Trans Fluid DX3PDS SDS
Auto Trans Fluid 95LEPDS SDS
Syntrans CVT – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntrans CVT H – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntrans MV – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntrans E – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntrans J – SyntheticPDS SDS
Syntec Dexron VIPDS SDS


Ultra 7000 5W-30-SyntheticPDS SDS
Turbodiesel 15w-40 CF-4/SJPDS SDS
Ultra 4000 15W-40 CH-4/SJPDS SDS
Ultra 5000 5W-40 CH/SL – Semi SyntheticPDS SDS
Ultra Euro 10W-40 CI-4/SL – SyntheticPDS SDS
Topline Express 15W-40 CI-4/SLPDS SDS
Multifarm 15W-40 CF-4/SF, GL-4PDS SDS
Ultra Mono 10W CF/SJPDS SDS
Ultra Mono 30PDS SDS
Ultra Mono 40PDS SDS
Ultra Mono 50PDS SDS


Gear Lube 80W-90 GL-5 EPPDS SDS
Gear Lube 85W-140 GL-5 EPPDS SDS
Gear Lube TL 75W-90 GL-4 EPPDS SDS
Diff Oil LS 90PDS SDS
Diff Oil LS 140PDS SDS
Syngear LS 75W-90 GL-5 EP – SyntheticPDS SDS


HD 12 WB Degreaser ConcPDS SDS


Brake & Clutch Fluid Dot 4PDS SDS
Long Life CoolantPDS SDS
Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil CoolantPDS SDS
Hydraulic Jack OilPDS SDS
Power Steering Fluid SyntheticPDS SDS